At Collington, A Kendal Affiliate, we are one big happy family, and we're incredibly thankful for everyone that is a part of our community

Thanksgiving is a special holiday, one where we count our blessings.  Thanksgiving is all about being thankful for our loved ones.  It's about being grateful for our prosperities in life.  It's about unity; coming together and putting all differences aside.  Thanksgiving is about tradition; creating somethnig for future generations to hold onto and make their own.  Thanksgiving is about giving thanks to good family, good friends, and good health. 

As a family, we welcome any new members with an open heart.  You'll feel at home at Collington, A Kendal Affiliate. 


As a CCRC, we cater to every type of lifestyle, offering service if needed to our Collington family members in senior living. 


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