Here at Collington, we created a community with diverse culture; one that holds different cultural backgrounds, one that 

embraces varied experiences, and one that carries various stories.  Diversity, as a whole, is incredibly important to us as a community.  We want to create a secure place for people- a place where people feel comfortable sharing their journey with the rest of the Collington community. 

We think it's important to support and encourage individuality at Collington, and each person offers an individual characteristic to our community.  After all, there are over a billion sets of eyes in this world with their own truths and their own voyages, each person offering their own element in everything they do.  Together, we make up a community full of remarkable people with diverse backgrounds and interesting paths. 

Come to Collington, A Kendal Affiliate today and witness our diverse community.


See for yourself the positive community we have created for our residents: