Thinking of that perfect holiday gift isn’t always easy. Being that Collington is filled with so many different residents with various interests, buying the perfect holiday gift for seniors may come across as a challenge for some. The Collington staff is here to help with these holiday gift ideas for seniors in a continuing care community.


Personalized Blanket

A personalized blanket makes a wonderfully thoughtful gift. Add memorable photos or favorite quotes onto a blanket or pillow that someone can keep forever.


Custom Photo Albumold photos

Bring out your creativity and create a custom photo album or scrapbook to protect someone’s most important memories.



Get that perfect bottle of wine or bottle of liquor that will make an amazing gift. If you’re lucky, maybe the drinks will be shared with you!


Gift Card

Gift cards are a great last-minute gift idea that will make someone very happy. Here are some of the best gift cards to give this holiday season. 


Gift Basketgift basket

Harry and David gift baskets make beautiful gifts. If you want a more unique gift basket, fill one yourself with items that you know someone will enjoy!



For a traditional reader, get a new bestselling book from Barnes and Noble that has that new book smell. You could also look into buying a new Amazon Kindle for someone that likes to read on the go. Best Buy offers a large selection of electronics and other great gifts for grandparents.



A massager is a great gift for someone with aches and pains. A massage can help reduce anxiety and relieve stress.


Essential Oil Diffuseroil diffuser

The best essential oil diffusers can help people fall asleep in a more relaxed environment. There are different benefits of using an essential oil diffuser. An essential oil diffuser can promote sleep, support respiratory and emotional health, as well as sharpen mental focus.



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