With many types of senior living communities, it may be difficult to keep track of all your options. Continuing Care Retirement Communities, or CCRCs, are becoming a very popular choice for aging in place. 

CCRCs offer plenty of amenities and benefits. Find some reasons why you should choose a CCRC below:



CCRCs include everything- such as meals, transportation, housing maintenance, security, and more. This ensures that seniors will be taken care of with all their needs met. Not to mention, it eliminates a lot of the work and stressors out of living, leaving seniors the time and energy to just enjoy their retirement. 


Provides Peace of Mind

Living in a CCRC can provide peace of mind for seniors and their families. Continuing care communities allow preparation for the unexpected, with a plan in place for whatever may happen. Especially for families who may not live close to their senior loved one, a CCRC provides a peace of mind that their loved one will be taken care of.


More Stability

Most CCRCs offer varied levels of care within the community, which can include assisted living, skilled nursing, and more. This way, if residents need to move to another level of care, they do not have to completely move to a different community and/or location. It can be stressful to choose and move into a senior living community, so it is great to only have to do it once. With CCRCs, seniors can ensure that they will remain in the same community- truly aging in place. 


Couples Can Stay Near Each Other

Sometimes, senior couples can be at different stages in their lives when it comes to the aging process. When a couple with different needs moves into senior living, it can be difficult to figure out how to keep them together. A CCRC allows a couple with differing needs to live together. If one of the members of the couple needs to move to a different level of care, a CCRC allows them to still live in the same community, which makes it easy to still see each other every day and enjoy social interactions and activities together.


If you or your loved one are thinking about making the move to senior living, be sure to consider a CCRC.