Many people have misconceptions about what senior living communities are really like. Over the last few years, these types of communities have drastically changed, and feel more like a luxury hotel than a senior living community. There will always be an ongoing debate regarding whether it’s better to age at home or in a community, but here are some reason why we believe senior living communities are a great option for any individual.


Healthier Food Options

When living alone, it can be hard for seniors to prepare healthy meals for themselves. When they’re only feeding one person, it can be especially difficult and they may not be getting the full nutrients they need. One of the many great features of senior living communities is the various dining options. These communities offer a variety of daily meals so there is no longer the need to worry about food shopping, preparation or planning the next meal.


No More Driving Related Worries

As we age, it can become more difficult to drive, which can lead to worries for us and our families. Many senior living communities offer free transportation to appointments, activities, or locations off campus. However, with most care and community activities located directly on campus, your loved one can find everything they need in one place.


Ability to Remain More Active

When seniors live alone, they may have less of an incentive to remain active. They may struggle to drive and be unable to get themselves to fitness classes or activities they used to enjoy. Maintaining mobility is important and can help seniors live a healthier and happier life, and senior living communities support that. These communities provide everything under one roof, fitness classes are a short distance across campus, and walking trails are readily available whenever residents want to get some fresh air and exercise.


Feeling Safe

One of the main reasons people move to senior living communities, particularly Life Plan communities, is because of the safety and security they provide for their residents. Staff members, nurses, and healthcare workers are readily available whenever and wherever they are needed. If a resident was to need a higher level of care, they would have the luxury of staying on the same campus without having to move based on the care needed. Residing in a senior living community also brings peace of mind to family members, who can feel confident knowing that their loved one is being well taken care of 24/7.


Opportunities to Make New Friends

When seniors live on their own, it can be difficult to keep in touch with friends, or see them frequently. Senior living communities are excellent for those who enjoy social interaction. They have the option to share meals with other residents, join group activities and committees, or even host a game night in their home. Living among other people their age will allow for them to develop deep and lasting friendships.


No Home Maintenance

Another struggle for seniors who live on their own is maintaining their property. Whether it be mowing the lawn or shoveling snow, keeping up with these requirements becomes increasingly difficult as we age. When moving into a senior living community, those worries disappear. Your loved one will no longer be responsible for maintaining their property, they will be free to spend their days doing the things they enjoy, rather than worrying about the upkeep of their home.