Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 3.27.46 PMYou and your loved one have decided it’s time for them to move into an assisted living community. 

Although the toughest decision is behind you, there are now other questions that will begin to arise. Which communities can you afford? Do you want to move them closer to where you live? When should you plan the move?


In some circumstances, when you begin the move isn’t your choice. If your loved one has recently become ill, undergone a procedure or has already sold their home you may need to move them as soon as possible. However, for those that do have some time, fall is one of the best seasons for moving into an assisted living community – here are a few of the top reasons why:


  1. Temperate Weather- Moving in the winter is never fun with snow and ice terrorizing the roadways. Scorching summer weather is enough to keep you from wanting to step outside much less carry heavy boxes. With that said, fall tends to be ideal moving weather with mild temperatures and pleasant weather.
  2. Settled in Time for the Holidays- Moving into an assisted living facility can be a big adjustment and your loved one can take time warming up to their new home. By making the transition in the fall they will be fully settled by the time the holidays arrive. Celebrating in their new home can help them feel more comfortable and will give them opportunities to participate in activities with their new neighbors.
  3. Better Moving Rates- Summer is undoubtably the most expensive time to move since kids are out of school, the weather is warm and there are no major holidays looming overhead. Moving in the fall will get you a better rate if you use a moving company to help you.
  4. Beat the Holiday Rush- The holidays often bring a rush of interest in assisted living communities since families are back home and have the time to sit down and figure out assisted living plans with their loved ones. Moving into a community during the fall months will help you avoid this rush and any potential of the community being full.
  5. Time to Socialize- By making the decision to move into an assisted living community in the fall it gives your loved one time to get acquainted and join any clubs or activities they choose. Being involved in activities will help keep their spirits high during the shorter months when they won’t be spending much time outside. By having all of their clubs in one place they can avoid trekking through the snow and facing the whistling winter winds.


Although there really is no “wrong” time to move your loved one into assisted living, take advantage of the mild temperatures and lower moving rates while you can! Fall will be gone before you know it so start scheduling your tours today!