Making the transition to a new environment can be a challenge. Whether you are currently living in your own home, 

living with family, or are already living in a CCRC, there may come a time when you end up needing more help that only assisted living can provide. During this new chapter of your life, there are a few ways in which you can make your transition easier:


Bring personal items with you. Don’t think of it as moving into assisted living, think of it as an exciting move into a brand new home. Decorate your space however you’d like and bring things from your previous home to make yourself feel more comfortable. You can even design it to look exactly like the bedroom you’re used to. Doing all of this can help make your transition a bit smoother and get you feeling comfortable in no time.


Find ways to help out in the community. CCRCs typically offer residents an array of activities, so join a club, spend some time volunteering, work in the library, or do something that will help make your new home a better place for you and the other residents as well.


Stay in touch with family and friends. Let your loved ones know if you are having a difficult time transitioning into your new home. Invite them over to visit you, give them a call or video chat with them! Seeing familiar faces can be a big help in making you feel more at ease during the adjustment period.


Get involved in activities. Fill up your free time doing things you enjoy and socializing with others! Staying active and keeping your schedule full can help you not only make new friends, but can also help you get to know your new home a little bit better by exploring the campus and seeing all that it has to offer.


The most important part of making the move from independent living to assisted living is to make yourself feel as comfortable as possible. Allow yourself time to adjust, keep yourself busy, and remember, what’s most important is that you and your family can rest easy knowing you are being well taken care of.


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