How do you prepare for the unexpected?
Plan ahead, right? And you have, mapping out career and family life – always with hopes for keeping your family secure and satisfied. You’ve coped with the unexpected when needed, reminding yourself to be better prepared “next time.” And now you’re in this marvelous place, where the world is your oyster and you can pursue fulfillment and happiness to your heart’s content.

You’re retired and rarin’ to go. Unless, of course, the unknown pops up:

How do you handle health crises when you’re supposed to be pursuing happiness?

The simple, smart plan for managing those what-ifs is called Lifecare.

As a Kendal affiliate, Collington offers the Lifecare option, which provides care and a safety net for residents over 60. If you’re unfamiliar with this choice, you owe it to yourself to get to know the plan that handles the unexpected and transforms your pursuit of happiness.

Lifecare handles the unexpected.
You may have explored the costs of assisted living, memory care and long-term skilled nursing. Unanticipated and unplanned for, long-term health care costs can knock a lifestyle off balance, or worse, decimate a family’s finances. Genworth’s 2020 average cost for assisted living in Maryland is $5,000 monthly, for example. And long-term skilled nursing exceeds $10,000 per month.

For couples without Lifecare, those care costs will be added to their current cost of living. So, on top of the expenses related to homeownership, they can also expect to pay as much as $5,000 to $10,000 or more out of pocket if one partner needs residential care in an assisted living, memory care or long-term skilled nursing community.

For Collington residents, on the other hand, Lifecare delivers these services with little or no increase to monthly fees. This isn’t magic; it’s simply how the initial entrance fee combines with the adjusted monthly service fee, and as a result, residents’ costs can remain about the same if or when they move from independent living into a higher level of care. That is, their monthly costs stay about the same for the rest of their lives.

Other benefits to think about:

  • Predictability. With Lifecare, you know what your monthly expenses will be in independent living and if one or both partners move into assisted living, memory care or long-term skilled nursing.
  • Confidence. You and your family will also know where you’ll get care if it’s ever needed. For many families, the what-if scenarios of finding and paying for care weigh heavily. Lifecare lifts that burden.
  • Savings. Compared to entering residential care directly, Lifecare delivers the same (or higher) quality of care for less.
About your pursuit of happiness.
While Lifecare is primarily a financial plan, there’s a whole lot of life in it. Because when senior living residents have Lifecare – like those at Collington, for example – their relief from worrying over future health care gives rise to enthusiastic freedom for living fully now.

Some say it’s like a good night’s rest. When the day dawns and you awaken refreshed – without all that worried tossing and turning – you know you’re ready for a good day.

That’s why some go so far as to call it the “Lifecare Lifestyle.” It’s living with the certainty that a plan is in place and the risks are minimized.

Now, imagine a community filled with residents who share this confidence, and you can begin to see how Lifecare feels like more than a matter of money – in fact, more like a deliberate, thoughtful commitment to your all-in pursuit of happiness.

Find out more about the Lifecare Lifestyle.
Among the many reasons for choosing the Collington senior living community, residents will often tell you that Lifecare was their tipping point. Once they realized how Lifecare locked in their security, they could see their way clear to choosing a lifestyle of freedom and opportunity. For more information about Collington and the Lifecare Lifestyle complete the form below, or call (888) 257-9468.