During this time of coronavirus, it’s important for residents to find ways to maintain their distance while still socializing with their friends and neighbors. Though we are in the midst of fall, there is still plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors before the chill of winter creeps in. Here are some fun activities to try while maintaining social distancing.


Group Workouts

After months of being kept indoors, it’s important to exercise and move around as much as possible. Working out alone can get monotonous, so get a group of friends together and find an open, grassy area to do a group workout. You can even take turns with who leads the workout each time you get together.



Court games like pickleball and tennis are excellent to play when trying to social distance. All players are well spread out on the court, and no physical contact is necessary.


Outdoor Art Projects

Many people find coloring, painting, or drawing to be therapeutic, so why not include this in your list of social distancing activities? With Collington’s beautiful campus there are thousands of spots where you can sit down and create artwork inspired by the scenery.


Group Movie Night

Though this particular activity may not be able to be done outdoors, having a group movie night is a great way to stay connected with your friends while doing something fun. Pick a movie and set a time for everyone to start watching together. You can even set up a group video call while the movie is on that way it really feels like you’re watching with your friends!


Block Party with Neighbors

If you live in one of Collington’s cottages, have a block party with your cluster neighbors! Everyone can be responsible for bringing their own food and drinks, you can set up chairs 6 ft apart, and play some music and games while you all enjoy each other’s company.


Backyard Bingo

Who doesn’t love bingo? Luckily taking this game outdoors doesn’t require too much work, and since the game is played individually, keeping distance between each player shouldn’t be hard at all!