The new year is a time people like to start fresh. One way to do this is to create a resolution to stick with for the year, and it's not too late to start! But sticking with the resolution is not always successful. Here are some helpful suggestions of simple, but effective resolutions to consider as you start your new year off right. 

1. Incorporate a Healthy Lifestyle into Your Day 

One of the most popular resolutions is to get healthy. Although it’s the most popular, it’s also the most failed resolution people strive for. But it’s easier to achieve than you think with some simple changes to your daily routines.

two women walking

  • Healthy Eating. Adding fish to your meals once or twice a week can be good for your heart and overall health. Throw in a couple of vegetables like grilled zucchini and mushrooms to complete the meal to get even more benefits. Another healthy eating option could be to eat more fruits. Apples are a great choice, as they have been known to provide several health benefits.
  • Physical Activity. If you want to incorporate exercise into your daily routine, it’s best to start in small steps. Start by taking a 10-minute walk to get the blood flowing. As you get more comfortable, you can up the time and moderation as needed. Work towards meeting smaller goals first as you work your way toward the Department of Health and Human Services recommendation of 30 minutes for five days a week.
  • Sleep Better. Insomnia can increase as we age and become more sedentary. To improve your sleep, make sure you are getting enough exercise and rest during your day. Create a regular sleep routine to get your body acclimated to knowing when it’s time to sleep. In no time you will be catching the Zs you’ve been chasing.

2. Learn a New Hobby 

Learning a new hobby can help to stimulate your mind and bring you enjoyment. Whatever your passion is, there’s a hobby for that, and it’s never too late to learn! Often senior living communities also have clubs and groups that you can join dedicated to hobbies. Not only will you learn how to become a pro, but you will also meet fellow residents who share the same passion.  

woman painting
  • Play an Instrument. If you like music, perhaps learning how to play an instrument is a good choice. Not only does it help with your eye and hand coordination, but it also improves your memory and reading skills.  
  • Learn to Paint. Painting is another great hobby to take up. It can be a great stress reliever, a form of meditation, and it’s fun! Not only will you create the artwork you can enjoy, but you can also give it to a loved one as a gift.  
  • Grow Some Plants. Gardening not only gives you exercise and Vitamin D, but it also makes your space more beautiful and inviting. There are other health benefits associated with it like decreasing your risk of dementia. 
3. Do Some Reading 

We read a lot of things these days, but when is the last time you have sat down and read a book? There are many health benefits with regular reading, and enjoyment benefits, too. Reading helps to improve your brain function, reduces your stress, and lowers your blood pressure.  It is also much easier to read a book these days with the options available from your public library. Not only can you check out a physical book, but you can also check out digital books as an option.

couple in library

  • Commit to One Book a Month. Break the book down by the number of chapters or pages to read each day, and you can successfully meet your goal each month. Pick a new genre each month, or author to make it even more fun.  
  • Join a Book Club. When you read the same book with others, you can get different perspectives, improve your communication and make friends along the way. Most senior living communities have at least one book club you can join.  
  • Be a Reading Volunteer. If you like to volunteer, a good option could be to become a reading volunteer at a local library or elementary school. The rewarding feeling of helping children learn to read is a gift in itself.  

With these three options, we are sure you will find the perfect resolution for your new year. Whatever your goals are, making the commitment to stick with them each day will help you to succeed and improve your overall health and happiness for the year.  

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