The Artist-in-Residence (AIR) program, now in its fifth year, is the result of a Memorandum of Understanding between Collington and the University of Maryland School of Music graduate program.  But each year the experience provided to Collington residents is very much determined by the AIR individuals themselves. 

 This year Jeannette Lewis (flute) and Dylan Rye (trumpet) had some comments about being AIRs. In short, they love it. Collington residents always provide an enthusiastic, intelligent, curious and appreciative audience.    The AIRs enjoy sharing meals and conversing with residents.  Dylan enjoys playing pickleball.   Jeannette spoke of playing duets with residents in their homes, and of repairing and appraising instruments.    The Ivy Bar is a huge hit because they can join in and play with resident musicians, and the audience always is dynamic and appreciative. 


 Jennette pointed out that the AIR program presents unique challenges and is unlike anything she had seen before, because it has no boundaries, no limits, nobody making demands, no specific expectations or requirements to define it, and is completely open-ended.    It involves performing, arranging performances by others, finding and attracting other performers (from the University of Maryland or elsewhere) to come here, and attending to all aspects of performances.  

  In addition to performances, the program involves other aspects related to music, including lectures.  Publicity, scheduling, determining program details, arranging or accommodating venue attributes, audio/visual aspects, acting as a stage hand or anything else involved with any performance is the responsibility and in the control of the AIRs.    This completely “open book “situation is at once exhilarating, exciting, daunting and, instructive. A constant factor, however, is the Collington residents with their friendliness, helpfulness, and appreciation.  

 The audio situation in the auditorium needs to be improved, as also has been mentioned by AIRs in prior years.   But Jeannette and Dylan clearly have been enjoying their time here. 

 This article was written by Collington resident Dick Garrison, and was originally published in The Collingtonian. For any questions about Collington’s artist-in-residence program or the resident-led publication The Collingtonian, leave us a comment below.