“There are as many forms of love as there are moments in time,” said the famous English novelist, Jane Austen.

Love Makes the World Go ‘Round 

With $26 billion spent on Valentine's Day last year in the U.S. alone, the month of February is most associated with romantic love.  

But love extends far beyond cards, candies and roses. Indeed, it is an all-pervasive, year-round life force. Perhaps W.S. Gilbert, another 19th century English writer, said it best: “Love makes the world go around.” 

Love makes Collington go ‘round, too, according to many happy residents.  

Residents Answer Key Questions

In response to the following questions, Collington residents Beth, Chuck, Joyce and Roger shared their impressions of life in this naturally scenic community so close to the pulse of our nation’s capital. Residents also had an opportunity to share their reflections and experiences at a “What I Love About Collington” resident panel on February 6.  

  1. Did you feel welcomed by fellow residents and staff when you first moved in? If so, how?  
    The answer to this question was a resounding, unanimous “Yes!, with everyone pointing out that the paths to friendship were paved even before moving to Collington Residents_Outside_500x333 (1)

    “[Marketing] let me know the community was waiting for me…once here, many people came up to me, aware that I was a new face, and introduced themselves. Neighbors in my cluster sought me out.”  – Beth 

    “Our ambassador had been in touch with us prior to moving and helped prepare us for the transition with helpful tips and introductions to fellow residents. Once here, we were warmly greeted and supported by our new neighbors.”  – Chuck 

    “We felt very welcome; that began months prior to the move, with Marketing familiarizing us with the campus…at that time, we also met most of our new neighbors and had plenty of information and advice from our ambassador.”  – Roger 

    “We had dinner with [neighbors] in January before our move in April. They were so warm and gracious; we knew we had made the right choice.”  – Joyce 

  2. What are the top three things you love most about Collington?
    Respondents were hard-pressed to narrow this one down to just three things, but consensus gathered around a few key points: 1) resident diversity and friendliness; 2) beauty of the campus; and 3) accessibility to the greater metropolitan area.Roger_home_crop

    “The love and support I received from staff and residents when my husband died was overwhelming. Nowhere else would I have felt that connection.”  – Joyce 

    “We first heard about Collington because it was recommended to us as a place that embraced diversity, and that is very important to us as a gay couple.”  – Roger 

    “We had a list of attributes…in the end our top three were fellow residents; location of the campus itself and proximity to many opportunities at our doorstep; and access to a variety of transportation options.”  – Chuck 

  3. Is it easy to make friends at Collington?
    Meeting new people is crucial at all stages of life, and moving to a new community can feel a bit like going to college for the first timewill I make friends? At Collington, residents attest that newcomers are welcomed by fellow neighbors and staff with genuine warmth, inclusiveness and none of the “cliquey” behavior some fear in a new social environment BLONDEPHOTO_220616_657_1035

    “The easiest way to get to know people is to work or play side by side. Residents are very engaging and eager to help newcomers find activities of interest.”  – Beth 

    “Residents are curious about you, not so much interested in telling you about their own accomplishments, though there are many. Friendships seem to develop over shared values and interests and less about what you’ve done.”  – Chuck 

    “As soon as it is determined that you are a new resident, you are surrounded by others willing to help you find your way around and introduce you to the many activities available.” – Joyce 

  4. Is it easy to get involved in activities, programs and opportunities at Collington and in the greater outside community, and do you think there are enough such opportunities? 
    There is quite literally something (many somethings!) for everyone at Collington, whether on campus or in the local area. Activities and programs are driven largely by residents themselves, and they are often inspired to form their own initiatives. 

    “There are so many choices here, sometimes it’s hard to determine what would best fit your needs. And if there isn’t an activity or program that BLONDEPHOTO_220616_008_9221interests you, you can form your own!”  – Joyce 

    “There are serious activities, fun activities, physical activities, intellectual activities, service activities, and more. It’s easy to get involved in all kinds of things, even in things you’ve never done before. It’s equally easy to take your time and/or stay to yourself.”  
    – Chuck 

    “There are more things to do than you could possibly take part in. Very soon, I was recruited for the Foundation and Interiors Committee, and my partner has also been approached with various opportunities.”  – Roger  

  5. What do you think is special or unique about Collington compared to other senior communities?
    Not all senior communities are created equal, and people don’t always compare apples to apples. Choosing the right community requires a deep dive into many factors, but here’s what two residents had to say about the Collington difference:WINDON-20231207-078-1090450

    “Independent Living options were better, particularly in providing ample space and some accommodations with private garages.”  – Roger

    “Collington has a rural feeling with 125 acres of trails, wildlife, a lake and a pond, but it’s also within a short drive or Metro ride of major hubs such as Washington, D.C. and Baltimore. Also, the combination of apartment living as well as cottages is a big advantage over high-rise apartment living.”  – Joyce 

  6. What made you choose Collington when you first decided to live here?
    Older adults have myriad living options, and settling on one is often a difficult, emotional process. Our residents chose Collington for a variety of reasons; here are just a few:

    WINDON-20231207-255-1090813“The diversity of Colington was paramount to me, not only of sexual orientation, but of race and life experiences, too. Second would be the beautiful setting.”  – Roger 

    “Staff members are so warm, caring and competent. They bring joy, comfort, service and safety to us each day, without overbearing structure. Healthcare on campus and nearby was also a factor. As for fellow residents, a large percentage of them come from different locations and backgrounds, which is also a plus.”  – Chuck 

    “The proximity to Washington, D.C. and Baltimore.”  – Joyce 

    “Being near family, proximity to D.C. and good healthcare.”  – Beth

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