In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, it is important for us to find ways to keep our minds balanced and calm. 

Though we may bScreen Shot 2020-03-18 at 9.31.10 PMe bound to our homes for the time being, there are plenty of ways we can relax, and enjoy the time indoors (or a solo walk on the trail). Here are some great tips on how to find calm in the midst of the chaos.


  1. Museum Virtual Tours- Have you always wanted to visit The Louvre or The Metropolitan Museum of Art but haven’t had the chance to go in person? Well now you can explore their most famous works of art right from your couch through their virtual tours.


  1. Take Up Yoga- Yoga is one of the best ways to center the body and the mind. YouTube offers a plethora of instructional yoga videos ranging from beginner to advanced. Practicing for a short time every day can help change your mindset and help you find inner peace.


  1. Practice Mindfulness- With media outlets providing constant updates on the current pandemic, it can be easy to get too caught up in the news and trap yourself in a cycle of over thinking and worrying. Times like this are when practicing mindfulness is most important. The goal of mindfulness is to be more aware of where you are and what you are doing in that very moment without reacting to or judging your thoughts.


  1. Focus on Breathing- When we start to worry or feel overwhelmed, our breathing tends to become shallow, which can lead to more anxiety. To combat this, we need to focus on slowing down our breathing. Take slow breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth, doing this will calm your nervous system and alleviate feelings of anxiety. Slowing down our breathing is a fast and simple way to calm ourselves when things start to feel chaotic.


  1. Get Creative- In order to avoid overthinking, keep yourself busy with an activity like coloring. Adult coloring books are made specifically for stress relief. It may sound a little silly, but coloring allows us to use our imagination and let our mind fully focus on the project in front of us. If you aren’t able to purchase a coloring book, there are plenty of printable pages online for you to enjoy.


Though this is a time of uncertainty, we don’t have to be overcome with worry. There are plenty of ways for us to find calm in the chaos and take care of our mental well-being. The most important thing to remember is that we are all in this together, and it’s during this time that our community will find its purpose.


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