How Residents Keep Fit and Active at Collington!

Every day is a great day for keeping fit, active and healthy here at Collington. As a communitleveraging a new-age approach to wellness, activity and vitality are the core ingredients for a successful aging experience for each resident.  

Health and wellness are what matter most to members of our community. And each person has his and her own unique ways of endeavoring toward optimal wellness. It helps that Collington offers various programs, amenities and activities to support all of our residents’ fitness goals!  

Amenities That Promote Vitality 

Collington residents view amenities from a different perspective thanks to the influence of health and wellness planning. Yes, they are features that augment daily living and bring an added level of fun to the community. But they are also tools to be utilized as each person aspires to reach his or her fullest potential.  

The 24-hour Wellness Center is a hub for everyone. It’s the place where our active resident body can be found working toward — and achieving — their wellness goals with the help of all the amenities at their disposal. Some of the amenities that complement each resident’s pursuit of active wellness include:  

  • An aquatic center   
  • Pickleball courts  
  • Weight training room  
  • Hydrotherapy spa  
  • And more! 

There are even more opportunities to keep fit outside of the Wellness Center and around the community. Our 125-acre campus is a natural oasis and one of the area’s best-kept secrets. The expansive grounds offer numerous opportunities to take in the campus and all its beauty — the tree, lake, gardens and more — from a new point of view, while keeping fit. The variety of walking, hiking and biking trails make it so that even our community’s most passionate outdoor enthusiasts frequently find new areas to explore! 

Activities That Challenge and Inspire Residents

Daily activities are what tie together all the tools and resources we have in place for residents to keep fit and prioritize their wellness. Residents never feel as though they’re “working” toward their goals. Instead, they’re engaging in activities they love and getting stronger and healthier while doing so.  

From personal training and yoga to aqua aerobics and nature walks, we offer a diverse selection of activities that complement residents’ interests and align with their goals. It’s why enhancing one’s wellness is so effortless in this community. At Collington, we’ve discovered the perfect balance for making active living easy and enjoyable, all while partnering with residents to set fitness goalsWhen those goals are achieved, we get together as a community to do what we do best: celebrate! 

Learn More About Wellness at Collington 

Visit our Wellness Center page to learn more about the activities and amenities that support fitness and active living at Collington.