In our younger years, we all look forward to the day we’ll be able to retire, travel the world, kick back and relax. 

However, life after retirement can be tricky. We spend our entire lives figuring out what we want to do and what career path we want to go down. Some of us spend years in school fighting to pursue our dream job, and others settle into a career that just pays the bills.

After we retire, we no longer have to worry about the money, or doing what it takes just to make ends meet. Retirement is the time to pursue our lifelong passions, or to discover what it is if we never had the chance to figure it out. Here are a few questions that we can ask ourselves to help us decide how to make the most of our time during retirement.


  1. What do I think about most often?
  2. What parts of my career did I like and which parts did I hate?
  3. Is there something I always wanted to learn how to do?
  4. Do I enjoy working with or helping others?
  5. Do I prefer physical or mental efforts?
  6. Am I most comfortable staying where I am or do I crave new adventures?
  7. How have I made the world a better place?
  8. What talents do I have that I haven’t explored?


Of that list of questions, see which one sparks your interest the most. Take some time to think about how your answers to these questions can help you find your passion—maybe you’ve realized helping people is necessary for you to feel fulfilled, or maybe you’ve noticed you’re wanting to travel the world.


If you still are feeling unsure, talk to others around you. See how your friends spend their time, or try out a handful of different activities that you wouldn’t normally try and see if anything stands out. If you still are struggling to find something you're passionate about, consider seeking out a life coach. These individuals are trained to help people navigate their path in life and to find meaning in every day.  Don’t put pressure on yourself to find your passion right away, for some it can take time. Think of it as trial and error, give yourself the chance to test different activities and you’ll be sure to find the one that fits you in no time!