Are you 65 or older and feeling kind of lost? Not sure of what to do with all of your newly found down time? Well, you are in luck. Here are 6 Quick Tips to Senior Living Success to keep your mind, body, and spirit right.

  1. Perform Simple Daily Tasks
    1. Helping with laundry, mail, grocery list, Blog 1.pngprepping dinner, organizing drawers, file away papers, small craft or project can help with feeling useful and needed
  2. Stay Physically Active
    1. Exercise releases endorphins which can help with boosting mood and alleviating symptoms of depression
    2. Relieves anxiety, tension, improves heart health and stress
  3. Stay Mentally Active
    1. Play games that are mentally stimulating Blog 2.pngsuch as Sudoku, crossword puzzles, and other brain games
    2. Can improve your brain's memory, reasoning abilities and reaction times
  4. Stay Connected
    1. Stay involved in the community and arrange visits with family and friends
    2. Research study at Harvard Medical School states that caring behaviors trigger the release of stress-reducing hormonesBLog 3.png
    3. To read more from Harvard about what makes social connections healthful: Click Here
  5. Listen to Music
    1. Help seniors do things like reach a relaxed, even breathing pattern, reduce blood pressure and heart rate, and relax in general
    2. Help balancing emotions and even sharpening mental functionBlog 4.png
    3. For those suffering from memory loss issues, it can be an invaluable tool to regain some memory function
  6. Get a Pet
    1. Psychological benefits of companionship help with loneliness or depression
    2. Lowers anxiety and blood pressure, stress levels, boost memory, and contribute to mood and a sense of well being


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