People tend to think that playing cards is just a leisurely activity to have fun with good friends. Card games, specifically strategic ones, also have more health benefits than one would think. See these five benefits of card games for better senior health.

1. Card Games Reduce Stresscards

Playing cards offers a stress-free environment. It gives you the opportunity to get away from your phone, email, and television to really enjoy your company. Here are some other ways how playing card games reduces stress.

2. Cognitive Benefits of Playing Cards

Playing different card games like Bridge, Gin Rummy, Texas Hold-Em, and even Solitaire help sharpen cognitive functions. Keeping your mind sharp is something seniors strive for, so keep exercising that brain of yours! Strategic card games exercise memory and concentration, which help prevent cognitive decline in seniors. A study from 2003 found that, “Participation in leisure activities [including playing cards] is associated with a reduced risk of dementia.”

3. Playing Cards Benefits the Immune System

A study by Marian Cleeves Diamond of the University of California found that playing card games like Bridge may boost immunity. Read more about the study on how playing bridge boosts the immune system.

4. Social Benefits of Card Games

An article by Health Line showed that studies by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated nearly 7 million American adults 65 years of age and older experience depression each year. Playing cards is the perfect way to stay social and connect with those around you. Friendship improves your life by reducing stress, encouraging laughter and happiness, and increasing positivity.

5. Physical Benefits of Playing Cards

Shuffling and holding cards helps exercise your reflexes and hand-eye-coordination. Learn more about the different senior health benefits of playing cards.


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