Now that you have completed the more stressful chapters in your life, it is time to relax and enjoy your retirement. Be adventurous and see the world. Leaving your home at Collington may not be easy, but it will be worth it after you visit these 11 travel destinations during retirement.



Ireland is filled with beautiful landscapes, cheerful people, and loads of beer, making it the perfect destination during retirement. Plan your trip to the Cliffs of Moher or the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin.



CBS News considered Sicily, Italy to be a top vacation spot for retirees.  All of Italy is filled with history, art, beauty, and delicious food and wine.



Plan your trip to Alaska to visit some of the most beautiful national parks your eyes might ever see.


France france

Whether you travel to Paris, Nice, or the Palace of Versailles, you will not be disappointed in what this country has to offer. France is the perfect destination to visit during retirement.



Being in the center of Europe, Switzerland would be a great place to start your travels during retirement. The mountains and lakes that run through make Switzerland a beautiful place worth seeing.


Greece greece

Greece is arguably one of the most beautiful countries in the world. There are many islands worth visiting which include Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, and various others.



England, the home of the Beatles, the Royal Family and Big Ben, is a popular tourist attraction to people all over the world. There are many destinations to visit, and the best part is that everyone speaks English.



Visiting the Netherlands can be an eye-opening experience. Rich in history, the country contains the Anne Frank House, the Van Gogh Museum, and various art museums and flower gardens.


Brazil brazil

The South American country of Brazil is filled with beautiful beaches and beautiful people. Here are some things you will need to know before you go!



Spain contains stunning cities, castles, and cathedrals. Get lost in the Spanish culture and try their delicious cuisine.



Home to one of the seven wonders of the world, China is a place full of history. The Great Wall of China is just one of many reasons that makes China a popular tourist spot all over the world.


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